Waitrose New Farm Friendly Advert

We’ve become slightly obsessed with watching the Waitrose Live From the Farm stream on YouTube.

This has come about as part of Waitrose new marketing campaign to show customers that they sell free-range, British produce. It’s such a simple but effective way of getting a point across, without the whole thing feeling forced and “staged”.

Granted, a lot of the footage is of the animals grazing and wandering around, not the most exciting viewing, but occasionally there’s the odd bit of video gold with a cow sniffing the lens or a chicken strutting past.

Working for a marketing company from a farm, we just thought it was a novel bit of work from Waitrose!

Moooooooove Over for Rural Business of the Year 2015

We are celebrating Winning Rural Business of the Year Award, after an extremely busy and amazingly successful 12 months.

The Red Rose Awards celebrates Lancashire businesses across a variety of sectors and we are extremely proud to have won against five competitors and succeeded in bring the Rural Business Award home to roost on the farm.

The ceremony was held on 12th March 2015 at the Empress Ballroom in the Blackpool Winter Gardens. Over 1,000 guests attended, making the march up to the stage to the theme tune of Old McDonald Has a Farm all the more hilarious! Not.



Record-breaking Crowds Flock to Lambing Live at Bishop Burton.

One of our biggest clients, Bishop Burton Agricultural Collage in East Yorkshire welcomed more than 8,000 visitors to their campus this Mother’s Day in celebration of a successful lambing season. Farm Creative was asked to provide coverage of the tentative first steps of this season’s lambs which ended up being aired on ITV Yorkshire!

Check out the Video we produced below.

Move Over, Selfies; #Felfies Are the Hottest Trend on the Farm For 2014

We are excited on the farm to see that Felfies are becoming the latest trend of 2014.

A great example of  social media from The Irish Farming Journal kicked off this trend by starting a competition to see how many farmers would send in their own Felfies.

This has now gone worldwide! We have selected a few of our favourites and we could not miss out on having a go ourselves, with the recently arrival on the farm of Enock our four year old Irish Donkey. William our “Tractor Driving Executive” has been posing with Enock they work well together and are available for parties, bar mitzvah and weddings


Lancashire Young Un’s 2013

Helen has recently been featured in the Lancashire Business View Magazine as a “Young ‘un 2013”. Lancashire Business View’s feature celebrates the brightest young business talent that the county has to offer.

Here is the write up about Helen:

“ Helen launched Farm Creative after travelling the world and deciding that there’s no place like home. Settling on her family’s farm (hence the name) just outside of Preston, the Company rapidly grew from a single client to 20 within 6 months. Customers hail from all different sectors, from fuel management pumps to Lancashire Police & Crime Commissioner and more recently, Graham & Brown. This work involved designing press packs and pattern books for the new Dragon’s Den recruit Kelly Hoppen.”

Lancashire Young Uns



Really happy to see one of the most common farm yard animals being used in high end car advertising. In the light of this, we have sent three of our prized chickens to drama school in the hope that they will feature in the next Mercedes Benz Tv commercial. Each of chicken has it’s own strength, Cornelius excels at modern dance and tap, Julian is all about method acting and Bartholomew is just the diva. The future is bright the future is chickens. The New Mercedes Advert