Holden Clough Nurseries


Holden Clough is a well-established, award winning, plant nursery located in the heart of the Ribble Valley. They asked us for an image-based website that had a modern, enchanted garden feel, allowing visitors to explore every inch of the nursery at their fingertips. The new website was to illustrate the uniqueness of the nursery and the passion that the Foley Family have for every product they sell, and plant they grow.


We built on Holden Clough’s existing brand to create a timeless identity that is transferable between both digital and print design. Focused on creating a digital space that encompasses the charm of Holden Clough while also giving them the ability to adjust pages easily as the seasons change.

To support the nurseries attendance at various flower shows and their own markets and events, a cohesive range of print materials were designed including event collateral, signage and printed fabrics.


Website – design and build

Print design

Social media

Event Support