Bowl and Whisk


Working from a dairy farm in Cheshire and with a passion for food, our clients came to us with a business idea to bake tasty treats that can be ordered online and delivered in the post.

We have created the brand for this new venture, from the company name & packaging design to the website.


The branding we created for Bowl and Whisk is simple yet quirky, using the namesakes baking utensils within the logo and a clean colour scheme that compliments the images used.

To fall in line with the Bowl and Whisk branding, the ecommerce website is user friendly with a chatty and approachable tone. The aesthetic of the website matches fully with the brand guidelines we established while creating the logo. It’s user friendly and responsive to maintain the intended appearance on all devices: mobile, tablet and desktop.

Conforming to the branding for Bowl and Whisk, we have also created a selection of printed materials, including; personalised gift cards, product cards, product labelling and packaging, all of which comes neatly delivered with your parcel.





Print & Fulfilment